About Us

We offer great traditional dishes, served in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. From Thai to Chinese cuisines, we have it covered. The dining experience at our restaurants are exactly done the way that our customers will love and come back for more. It's just how you’ll want it- casual, warm and always welcoming.

Our authentic restaurants are perfect for your impromptu get together with friends, colleagues or even weekly family gatherings. Or if you’re looking for a bite of some authentic cuisines, or perhaps something much different than the mundane dishes that you’ve tried, then you’re in for a real treat at Chopstix.

The fine-dining Thai and Chinese cuisine has placed Chopstix at the forefront of modern asian restaurants in Kochi. Serving only the best over the years, our expert chefs and staff’s promises one of the most vibrant and memorable experiences for all those who come through our doors.

We include the best in asian culinary all under one roof.